The fanatical dabblings and ravings of Gemma Thomson: a game designer and geek from Britain, living in Stockholm.

My fandom spreads across a few media, but is largely focused on games, TV series and music. I've been involved in internet fandom from a young age, and I attend and speak at a variety of (mostly British) sci-fi cons.

I try to attend as many of these festivals and conventions as I can, and have listed these (past and present) here on my website.

I'm Also:
... an urban explorer (of sorts), and a chronicler of Maps in Games.

'I had no idea the Whitby Goth Weekend organisers were recording the gigs this year, but the first video - of Toyah singing It’s a Mystery - looks and sounds fantastic! I’d almost forgotten what happened afterwards, too.

My partner and I are just off-screen to the left, as I recognise the woman moving side-to-side directly in front of the camera. She was also up the back with us at Toyah’s most recent gig at the O2 Academy Islington. Small world!’

'Ermahgerd, it's been so long since I could rave about anything new in respect to Beyond Good & Evil! Just as the Twitterverse has been raving about tonight: this is a Rayman Legends playthrough video with the folks at Ubisoft Montpellier, in which the question of BG&E 2 is raised. The responses? Christophe Héral singing the theme à capella, and Michel Ancel running off to proudly display concept art of a new-look Jade.

BG&E remains the pinnacle of a video game experience in my eyes, unmatched since I first completed it on the Gamecube. I had the pleasure of meeting Michel Ancel and Christophe Heral (the game’s writer/lead designer and composer respectively) at Video Games Live’s first UK concert back in 2008.’